I’m working 60 hour weeks

doing two jobs at the mo.  Will be quitting one in a month or so, but for now, it’s all I can do to stroke my puddles and relax. It’s all good though. Moving in the direction I should be/want to/have been waiting for, etc. Hope you’re all smashing.

Lots of love.

Well, at least something good came from it … https://www.facebook.com/rachael.medd/posts/1645995622283278

Peace y’all

For goodness sake!

He emailed me Saturday morning at 6.58am saying he’d been trying to send pictures of us to me for 40 minutes but they wouldn’t send.  WHAT FOR!?!?  He said he’d try again when his laptop was out of the shop and that we “must have loved each other once looking at them” and that he hopes I’m ok. He signed off with “take care”!!!  WTF?!  It proper messed with my head. I had the decency to reply with a closed response and that was that. Listen pal, you’re either all in, or all out.  I don’t do half-arsed anymore!!!


On another note, it’s tattoo day this Friday.  Did I mention I am crapping it?!?!  I’ve not even seen the design yet!  Then I’m on a night out (a big ‘un) looking not so sexy with my arm all wrapped up in plastic eh!?  As long as it doesn’t come between me and my dancing people.

How are you all?  Good?  Bit blue?  Ee, emotions are like the seasons aren’t they?  Always changing and you can never trust them! 😉

I hope you are well anyway. Much love. Peace.


Finally, I have made a booking for a consultation on Saturday to discuss my cover up tattoo of the horrific monstrosity (Drama Queen!) that was inflicted on me in Mexico last September. I’ve always wanted a sleeve and now, by embarking on this cover up, I am beginning that journey! Wahoo!

So, I’ve emailed across my ideas/pictures/styles I like and Chris at Redwood Tattoos in Manchester is going to draw up a design for me, which we’ll discuss this Saturday. Then, I’m booked in for the day on Friday 19 June. I AM CRAPPING IT! With each and every tattoo I have it hurts more than the last one! I’ve been told Chris is fairly gentle, as far as tattooists go, and I’m clinging to that. I wonder whether the last two people who tattooed me were just meanies – or it’s because my skin is turning old 😉

Seriously though, I can’t wait! I will, of course, be sharing with you guys once it’s done.

On another note, I bought a brand spanking new, red, adjustable desk chair yesterday, and a filing cabinet. How easily excited am I!?

We’re supposed to be coming up for a heatwave here so fingers crossed. I might just test that out with a beer in the garden this evening. Ahhh…

Take care out there…